Free Muslim Vashikaran Mantra

Islamic Vashikaran Mantra

The Muslim Vashikaran Mantra:aagashanee maal khaanadaanee inanee amma, havva yoosuph jarnalinee phalaanee mujhe pa ho deevaanee barjar abdul kaadar jeelaanee. ”

Method: – The whole experiment is 21 days, but in 11 days it has an effect. This experiment should never be abused, otherwise it may also harm yourself. In practice, meat, fish, garlic, onion, milk, curd, ghee etc. should not be used. Bathing should wear clean clothes and do meditation. Purity should be taken special care. Long dhoti or clean clothes should be cultivated by tying them like ‘Ahran’. Should cover the remaining dhoti or cloth on the body, covering the head. The entire body should be covered with the same cloth, like Hindu women wear it.

Sadhana of the said mantra, when the time of ‘Namaz’ etc. is over, then it should be done. Before practicing Sadhana, let’s do the Muslim law. If possible, then take a bath. Chanting either by Hindu law or by Muslim law. In Hindu-law, rosary grains are rotated on their side. In Muslim law, rosary grains are moved forward from their side. Chant 1100 times per day If there is ‘Practical’ before 11 days, then neither do any more talk together, nor do any kind of anger. Make an excuse and get away from him. If you do not work in 11 days, then chant for 21 days. In the Mantra, instead of ‘Falani’ should be named ‘Sadhya’.